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“In 2009, I had Breast Cancer and had a Double mastectomy with reconstruction. I had an Implant on one side, and on my radiated side, I had a Latissimus Flap with small implant. There was always a difference in size and feel to the breast. I later developed contracture, and the implant shifted. I knew I did not want another implant, as I always felt that I was wearing an iron bra. I researched and found out about the DIEP Flap where they take your stomach fat and make a breast out of it…. I wanted to have a normal feeling breast and to be able to wear clothes again without worrying about hiding my misplaced, uncomfortable breast. The surgery took 10 hours, and I was in ICU for 2 days to make sure that the blood flow was going to the tissue. Dr. Schmid and his team checked on me, and after 4 days, I was discharged…. Though it is only 6 weeks after surgery, and I am still recovering, I now feel put back together for the first time in 6 years. My breasts look and feel like real breasts. I can now wear clothes without having to camouflage myself, plus I have the added benefit of a flatter tummy. Dr. Schmid did a great job! Dr. Schmid is a friendly man that seems to listen to your concerns. He told me what I could expect from my results, and also what he could not promise me. He answered all my questions and put my husband and I at ease from the first appointment. I recommend him to anyone considering a DIEP Flap reconstruction.”  
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