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Spider Vein Treatment for Beautiful Skin

Posted by Reza Momeni, MD on June 4, 2013, noon

Spider veins and broken blood vessel (capillaries) on the face and legs affect millions of people.

Although they do not cause medical problems,
spider veins can detract
from the natural beauty of your skin

What are spider veins?

Spider veins (or broken capillaries) are small, red and blue veins that are just beneath the skin on the face and legs. They can appear in other areas such as the décolletage and feet beneath the inside ankle bone.

Most often, spider veins cover small areas; but when they are large and dark, they can look like a bruise.

What causes spider veins?

When weak and damaged valves allow blood to flow backward, the excess blood can put extra pressure on and enlarge your veins and break them.

Some people are more prone to spider veins than others, especially if spider veins run in the family. Hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause can cause spider veins. Weight gain, being overweight, and being obese can cause spider veins. Taking certain medications such as birth control pills that cause hormonal changes can cause spider veins. If you sit, stand, or cross or bend your legs for long periods, you also might find you get spider veins. Some people find that they get more spider veins as they age.

Sun exposure also can cause spider veins, especially on the face if you have fair skin. But even people with darker skin types can get spider veins on the face.

Advances in vein treatment
can reduce and eliminate spider veins
and leave your skin looking beautiful and clear!

Treatment for Spider Veins

Laser therapy is an effective way to treat spider veins. During laser vein therapy, your doctor will direct a strong burst of light through the skin to the vein. The treatment causes the vein to swell so that the vein walls stick together and seal shut, stopping the flow of blood through the vein. Soon after laser vein treatment, the spider vein will turn to scar tissue and begin fading away. Some skin types aren’t appropriate for laser spider vein treatment; but a doctor with cosmetic expertise can tell you which therapy is best for treating your spider veins.

Laser spider vein treatment usually lasts 15 to 20 minutes. Most people have 2 to 5 treatments to completely remove spider veins in the legs.

Sclerotherapy also can be used to treat spider veins with a chemical injection. The injection causes the vein to swell slightly so the vein walls stick together, seal shut, and stop blood from flowing through the vein. Without blood flowing through the vein, it soon turns into scar tissue and fades away.

We offer laser vein treatment and sclerotherapy through our Vein Center at 908-277-8950 and our Dermatology service at 908-277-8668.

Laser treatment and sclerotherapy 
for spider veins
require no down time and no anesthesia! 

After Treatment for Spider Veins

If you have sclerotherapy to treat your spider veins, you might experience mild stinging, redness, raised patches of skin, or bruises that will resolve within days. Some people also get spots or brown lines in the treated area, but they also go away relatively quickly.

If you have laser spider vein treatment, you can expect to have mild redness and swelling that will resolve within a few days.

Find out today how treatment for spider veins
can restore the beautiful, youthful,
and clear appearance of skin
on your face, legs, and décolletage!

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