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Frequently Asked Questions: Cellfina™

Posted on May 6, 2016, 3:12 p.m.
  1. What areas of the body can Cellfina™ treat?
    Cellfina™ is designed to treat the pesky cellulite that many women will see beginning in their 20s and 30s, on the back of their thighs and on the buttocks.

  2. How many treatments of Cellfina™ do I need for visible results?
    Cellfina™ is designed as a one-time treatment. Unlike many spa treatments that need to be repeated periodically forever, Cellfina™ does not need to be repeated, unless a woman develops new cellulite spots down the road.

  3. How long are Cellfina™ treatments?
    The typical Cellfina™ treatment lasts 1-2 hours, under local anesthesia (numbing medication), in the office. There’s no need for operating room or hospital visit, and most patients can drive themselves home right afterwards.

  4. What is the recovery like for Cellfina™?
    Bruising and swelling is common after Cellfina™ treatment, usually for 2 weeks. During that time, women should wear the compressive garment that we provide, to reduce swelling and encourage the bruising to resolve more quickly.

  5. Are there any side effects to Cellfina™?
    Typical side effects are swelling, bruising, and discomfort over the first couple of weeks, but for most patient, it’s possible to return to work the next day.

  6. Will my Cellfina™ results change if I gain or lose weight?
    Because Cellfina™ treats the root cause of Cellulite (the pesky bands under the skin that hold the cellulite dimple in), it is not affected by weight changes. Of course, it’s well known that patients who are heavier also tend to have more cellulite, so women would be better served to keep their weight more or less the same.

  7. What is the difference between Cellfina™ and Cellulaze? Which is better?
    Cellfina™ and Cellulaze are both terrific devices, but there are differences. Cellfina™ is a minimally invasive technique that will remove the bands that cause cellulite. It works using a specially designed advanced needle device that works like a windshield wiper, going through the numb area and releasing the cellulite bands. Cellulaze is also minimally invasive, but involves the use of a laser device put under the skin to heat and destroy the bands. Cellulaze is combined with a liposuction device, so for patients who have extra fatty tissue, Cellulaze is better. But because Cellulaze might cause more swelling from the liposuction, patients who have no extra fatty tissue and would like a faster recovery, would be better off with Cellfina™.

  8. Is Cellfina™ painful?
    Before you begin your Cellfina™ treatment, we ask that you take a couple of pills that will help you relax and reduce any discomfort. Once you lie down to start the treatment, we begin by injecting numbing medication (lidocaine solution) first to numb all the treatment areas. Once the area is numb, it’s uncommon to feel anything at all during the treatment, except the touch of the surgeon and the device (not painful). Afterwards, when the numbness disappears, most patients will take Tylenol or Motrin for any discomfort they may have over the first few days.

  9. How invasive is Cellfina™?
    Cellfina™ is minimally invasive, and involves only tiny needle holes to insert the Cellfina™ device after the skin has been numbed. In most cases, patients are hard pressed to even find the needle points later one when things are healed.

  10. Are my results with Cellfina™ permanent?
    The FDA studies showed that 93% of Cellfina™ patients were happy even 2 years after their treatment. In 2016, it has been reported that even at 4 years, satisfaction ratings remain over 90%. This is an amazing result and is unprecedented for a non-surgical cellulite treatment.

  11. If I receive more than one Cellfina™ treatment, will my cellulite keep improving?
    Most patients never need a second Cellfina™ treatment. If, however, you develop more cellulite down the road, it’s possible to have more Cellfina™ treatments as needed.

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